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Geography-Half of the the shiitakes in the U.S. are bought from China.-Chester County outside of Philadelphia is the world's largest mushroom growing facility.

Enviormental Impact-Compost made for mushrooms is being wasted once worn out.-Waste builds up in urban environments-More Co2 in air due to leftovers-Pesticides have been discontinued-Has better use of being fertilizer for crops

History-Started off in England to Australia and then to the U.S.- Thought to be satanic/ magical.-Historically Mushrooms have been thought to hold medicinal value.

Nutrition-Mushrooms are delicious deadly magical intoxicating and mysterious.-It's considered edible or toxic depends how you grow your mushroom-They are more than 100 types of mushrooms.

RecipeYou can grill it, puree it, etc.

Humans-Mostly immigrants-People with bad health-Known as a last resort job

Science-It grow inside a green house which is kept 25 degrees-It takes 6 weeks for a white mushroom to grow-They need a layer of compost, casing and peat for proper growth.

Water-Coninsistenly moist enviorment-Requieres water everyday-Thrives in humidity.-Needs a lot of water!

Political Implications-Immigrants are taken advantage of by being threatened to lower cost if they don't want to be deported.-Private companies own the best patches

The Journey of Mushrooms

Matthew Defante,Ivan Melendrez,Claudeth Martinez


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