Muscular System

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Human Anatomy

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Muscular System

Work with Other Systems

- Smooth muscles are found in the stomach, intestines, and blood vessels. They are the weakest muscle. They make organs contract to move substances through the organ. It is controlled by the unconscious part if the brain. The muscles have a very smooth appearance. - Cardiac muscles are only found in the heart. This muscle pumps blood through the body. Cardiac tissue can't be controlled consciously. Cardiac muscles stimulate themselves to contract. It is very strong. - Skeletal muscles are the only voluntary muscle in the human body. Every physical action requires skeletal muscle. It contracts to move parts of the body closer to the bone. It also always connects to the skeleton in at least one place.

- Skeletal Muscle - Smooth Muscle- Cardiac Muscle These are the three types of muscles in the human body.

It works with the skeletal system to provide skeletal movement.It works with the digestive system to control entrances and exits of digestive tract.It works with the endocrine system to produce heat.It works with the nervous system to sense things.It works with the respiratory system to allow the diaphragm to expand.

Medical Facts




Diagram of the Muscular System

Diagram of Arms in Muscular System

Diagram of Leg Muscles

Different problems in this system are myopathies, chronic fatigue, syndrome, and muscular dystrophy .

Surgeons and orthopedists arethe main doctors who treat these issues.

Muscular System


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