Muscles and movements

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Human Anatomy

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Muscles and movements

Cardiac Muscle:This muscle is found only in the heart, and is made of branched, striped fibers. When this type of muscle contracts, it creates your heartbeat.

Muscles work in pairs, that oppose each other. For example, skeletal muscles work in pairs that pull bones in opposite directions.

Smooth MuscleThis type of muscle is mostly found in hollow organs. It is made of short, tapering fibers that contract smoothly, under the control of the autonomic nervous syste, meaning you cannot consciously cause them to contract.

Skeletal Muscle:This muscle connects to the skeleton, moving the bones and helping to support the body. They are packed with stripy looking fibers called myofibrils. These recieve messages from the brain, that cause them to contract, making the muscles move the bones.

Muscles & Movement

All movement is controlled by muscles. Cells in muscles have the ability to contract, creating movement.


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