Muscid Flies

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Muscid Flies

Muscid Flies!!!!!!

Aka: Musca autumnalis!

Description: Male muscid flies are a tiny bit smaller than female muscid flies. As female muscid flies are slightly larger and the space between the compound eyes are larger.

Where do they lay their eggs?Muscid flies lay their eggs in moist areas of the corpse such as the eyes and mouth.

Life Cycle of the Muscid Fly

To the forensic field insects can help determine the PMI of the victim. The PMI can be ascertained by the stages of the life cycle on the deceased.

Poor cow, the flies are laying eggs in his eye!

Arrival Time:The Muscid flies are the first to arrive at the scene of death!!!!

Fun Facts!-Muscid flies are nonbiting flies-They perfer moist areas and temperatures-Female flies feed on facial secretions-They develope in 1-3 weeks


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