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Murray Mclauchlan

Murray Mclauchlan

Biography-Murray was born on June,30th,1948 in paisley,Scotland-He immigrated to Canada at the age of 5-When He immigrated to Canada He lived in Toronto where He began his musical carrer and still lives there today-He later married Denise Donlon and has a son named Duncan

Famous Songs-"Farmers song" 1973-"Down By the Henry Moore" 1975-"Maybye Tonight" 1975-"Never liked that train" 1983-"Red River Flood" 1984-" Love with a capital L" 1989

Musical History- At the age of 17 Mclauchlan played in coffee shops then later attened central tech where Mclauchlan made music full-time.-20 years later Mclauchlan has 18 albums to his name with True North and Capitol Records winning 11 Juno awards and being nominated for 23.-Mclauchlan has had sucsess in Pop, Adult contemporary, Country and folk music fields-He then played his award winning song "Farmers Song" on "The Elephant show"-In 2004 He helped form a group called "Lunch At Allen's" and they play at lunch at Allen's restaurant in Toronto-At the end of his carrer Mclauchlan has known as one of the best canadian song writters ever

Signiture styleMclauchlan is known for his amazing lyrics about his own expereances and is known as one of the best songwriters ever and one of the best folk singers in canadian history.

Achivements-Nominated for 24 Juno awards and won 11-best songwriter 1974-won #1 country songwriter 7 times-Member of the order of Canada-3 Gold Records

Quotation"To experience him perform is to enjoy creative storytelling, social commentary and with a man who clearly enjoys sharing his music and experiences with an audience."

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