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Munich is a beautiful city in Germany. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. It is a big city with a lot of things to see and to do! Are you already curious? Let's discover this amazing city!


The German Museum

3 places to go sightseeing!

The Allianz Arena

Marienplatz is the central square of Munich. It is a big sqaure and there are a lot of people. On one front of the square is the city hall. The city hall is the building you see on the picture below. There are very much tourists on the Marienplatz. At 11 o'clock, the tourists are coming together to see and to listen the carillon. The carillon is in the tower of the city hall.

Do you like football? Yes?Than is the Allianz Arena a perfect place in Munich to go for you.The Arena has opened in 2005 and is very big! Their are 66.000 seats!If you are interested in the Allianz Arena, their are tours. The tours are not so expensive. They cost about 10 euros.

Do you like science and technology? If that's so, than is the German Museum perfect for you!It is the worlds biggest science and technology museum! There are coming about 1.5 million people a year.It's also the biggest museum of Munich. You can expermint and discover things in the German Museum. The German Museum is established in 1903, on june 28.

About 2 years ago, I was in the German Museum and it was very nice. First I thoufgt that it was maby boring, but it wasn't. You can do there a lot of fun things and they are at the same time very instructive!



Yes, I would recommend this place. Munich is a city with a lot of attractions. There is so much to do! The city is for young and old. Everybody can find something he's intrested for! And it is'nt so far away from here ;)

The waeponof Munich


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