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Social Studies
Ancient History

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This is the process of preserving a body. First, take out all the vital organs. Next, wash the body with wine and spices covered with natron. After that, the skin is rubbed with oil, wax and natron and packed with sand to keep its shape. Then, they wrap it in cloth and put it in their sarcophagus.

Mummification is the process of preserving a body. To perserve a body, you make it into a mummy. Mummies are preserved bodies of people or animals. The Egyptians believed in an afterlife and preserved bodies for their afterlife. There was a lot of work to preserve a body.

Mummies were kept in a sarcophagus which is a big body container made out of stone and sometimes gold, but they were really expensive and only the rich and the pharoh's could afford one.

Afterlife was a big deal in ancient Egypt. They believed that if the gods could not recognize your face, you wouldn't be accepted. They packed food, games, jewelry and more in their tomb for their afterlife.

Anubis was the god of mummification and took bodies to their afterlife.

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