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The purpose of mummification is to perserve the body of somone important, like a pharoah or king. In mummification they would remove all the organs and then pull the brain out through the nose. Then they would put embalming fluid inside and outside of the body to preserve it. Next, they would move on and wrap the body in gauze. When they put the body in the coffin, or sarcophagus, they put items they would need on their 'journey.' The idea of mummification was to dodge death and remain immortal somehow. They would put the organs and brain in jars, to save and retrieve in the afterlife.




People today can be mummfied and buried in their own custom-made bronze sacophagus. (One difference, from the old days, however, is that they do not have their own temple built.) It does come at a cost, $70,000 to be exact, but you can choose to be entombed or buried. So far they have been only able to use this on pets, because no humans who have signed up so far are dead yet to avail the process themselves. The people at Summum believe that people carry an 'escence' that lingers until they die; they believe this with animals too, This 'essence' would be preserved through mummification to help it get to the right place. They also made a chemical that preserves the bodies, they believe if scientists can tweak it a bit, it could be used as a method for cloning. (Since the DNA of the body remains after the preserving process.) They would also freeze the body to stop the cells from decaying and further breaking down.

Modernized Mummification



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