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Mummies other than tut?

Mummies to this day are looked over like there some dusty old corpse, well they are but they have alot more story and interesting things under the wraps. Theres alot more than your common king Tut or Ramses, there are so many different weird variations of the common mummy. Theres frozen mummies, humans that were as explained preserved by being frozen, heat dried mummies~bodies preserved by heat, bog mummies, bodies whom were preserved by swamps because of the low oxygen at the bottom of the water body so decay is slowed and eventually embalmed naturally, embalmed mummies, Mummies whom are renowned for their preservation

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Some reasons why mummies are uniqe-The picture under this box is of a body of a villager who died at 210 B.C and looks like that now!-In anciet Egypt when wealthy pharos died games, furniture, riches, and various belongings aswell as live things such as pets and servants whom were burried alive with them.-Some mummies are so meticulously made some were literally taken apart, mucle from bone, skin from muscle, and even took out the bodie's own hair and made a wig out of it.

A Inuit child that has had his body preserved by the cold weather of the Alaskan tundra.


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