Mummies in the Morning

by corrineazbart
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Language Arts

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Mummies in the Morning

Timeline1. Jack and Annie find a book about Ancient Egypt in their treehouse.2. They enter the book and travel to Anicient Egypt where they witness a funeral procession. 3. The funeral procession disappears, and they follow a black cat into the pyramid. 4. They meet a ghost named Queen Hupeti in the pyramid. She needs their help to find the Book of the Dead to travel to afterlife. Jack and Annie help the Queen read hieroglyphs to find the Book of the Dead.6. The kids use the code from the hieroglyphs to find the Book of the Dead. 6. The Queen disappears and the children find that they are in a room with a mummified body. 7. Annie gets scared and runs off. Jack lays the books down on the box that holds the mummified body, and runs after her but cannot find her. 8. Jack hears her screaming and finds her in a room. They become trapped in the room and all the lights go out. 9. The kids find a hallway that leads them out of the locked room. 10. Once they are out of the room they hear a meow and follow the black cat that they saw earlier out of the pyramid. The cat runs off when they are out of the pyramid. 11. Jack and Annie make their way back to the treehouse and find the book about Pennsylvania. 12. Off in the distance they see the Queen floating away on a boat to afterlife. 13. Jack tells the book of Pennsylvania to take them home.14. Once they are home, they organize the books in the treehouse and notice an "M" on the floor. When Jack touches it, he gets a tingling sensation throughout his whole body. 15. The kids leave the treehouse and go home.

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