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ISTITUTO "G. GALILEI"di Castelfranco Venetoprof. D. Pauletto - prof.ssa R. StoccoThe students at Istituto ‘Galileo Galilei’ located in Castelfranco Veneto, in the province of Treviso, are testing some possible civil uses of drones


via Avenale 6 - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

Newsagent drone: it home-delivers the newspaper, to old or disabled people or in case of natural calamity

Trial of Chemist drone: it transports medicines and can also be guided by iPhone and iPad

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Coach drone: it supports and regulates the athletes’ trainings, for example, the pace of a run

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nella palestradell'istituto

TV NEWS: RAI 3 at GALILEI di Castelfranco

Some modifications to the basic structure of drones have been projected and realised in order to transform these ‘flying objects’ into a sort of Jack-of-all-trades helpers to be used in various professional and commercial fields.

click and see the video TG di RAI 3

The drones used at school for the tests have been bought on the Internet in their basic version and then modified and adapted by the students.

The word ‘drone’, coined almost 100 years ago, refers to unmanned aerial vehicles mainly used for military purposes. The first prototypes of remote-controlled aircraft, in particular radio-controlled aerial vehicles, were used during the First World War, but their widespread production goes back to the Second World War. The fast technological progress registered in the 2000s has allowed to reach a high quality level, creating smaller solutions specially featured to be used in several operating sectors. Thanks to their versatility, drones have started to be used in civil contexts too, for example for crop monitoring services, in aerial photogrammetry, for aerial cinematography, search and rescue operations, electric lines and oil piping control and wildlife monitoring

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Changes have concerned both electronic and mechanical aspects and in the future they may concern the design as well, for example by using 3D printers to improve the design of the accessories with which drones and mini-drones have been provided.

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