Multiplying Monomials

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Number Operations

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Multiplying Monomials

Simple Monomial Multipling

Multiplying Monomials with a Coefficient

Multiplying Monomials with Multiple Variables

Multiplying Monomials with a power outside of Parenthesis

When you have a variable (x,d,y,d,b, etc.) to a power times the same variable to a power all you are doing is adding the powers and then re-atatching the variable. take the example to the right. x * x2 = x3is the same asx * x * x

When you add numbers to the equation many people stress out but there is no need to. It's simple. Treat the variable like the same way you did before. But then you multiply the numbers. It works for all of them. See the example below.

When you have multiple variables in an expression you must break it down. You take one of the variables and pretend as if the other isn't there and solve. Then do the same with the other. You dont add their powers together you take the answers and push them together. (for example see image below)

When multiplying monomials with a power outside of the parenthesis you have to distribute the power amongst everything inside the parenthesis. You multiply exponents with the exponents and treat single numbers as if the power was attatched to them. (for example see image to the left)

Multipling Monomials

See video for extra help

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