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Number Operations

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Remember when multiplying two digits by two digits use your strategies. You can usebreak apart one, place value, or the traditional method.

Break a part one27 X 11Break a part the biggest number (27) into 20 and 7. Then multiply 20 times 11 and 7 times 11. After that add the products together to get your answer.

My name is Kelly Woodson and I am a 5th grade teacher. This glog is an short reminder of how to multiply multi-digit numbers. I have put reminders and two videos to help you. Also, visit the websites listed above and play some fun multiplication games. Remember all the things we have learned in class.

When using place value method. Remember to break each number into smaller pieces. Ex: 27 X 11 breaks into (20 and 7) and (10 and 1). Place tens and ones in correct place on mat. Multiply and then add all the products together to get your answer.

When using the traditional method always remember when carrying to add your numbers and to put a zero in the ones place when you start multiplying by the tens and hundreds place.


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