Multiplication Tricks

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Number Operations

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Multiplication Tricks

Trick #2: Lattice MultiplicationThis trick is perfect for those that have their single digit multiplication facts down but need a trick to help with the bigger numbers.Check out this video for an explanation!

Multiplication Tricks

Trick #1: Multiplication with LinesThis trick is super simple and perfect for those tricky multiplication facts that you struggle with!

To do this trick, first you have to draw enough vertical lines to represent the first number. This is shown in orange. Then, you draw corresponding horizontal lines to show the second number. This is in blue. To find your answer, count the number of intersections between the lines.Try this one on your own!8 x 6 = ?

Trick #3: 9s on Your FingersThe best thing about this trick is that you don't need anything except your hands! No calculator required.

For more multiplication tricks, click the calculator!Created by: Hannah Shires

See how the picture shows us the 9s trick? This example is 9 x 7. To find the answer, put down your 7th finger from the left. See how you have 6 fingers on the left and three on the right? That's your answer! 9 x 7 = 63.Try this one on your own! 9 x 4 = ?


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