Multiple Sclerosis

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Cell Biology

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

In a healthy individual, CD4+T cells are not activated and therefore do not invade the CNS.

Normally, the neuron signalling process requires only a small amount of ATP, which healthy mitochondria can easily provide.

When the HLA-DQB gene activates CD4+T cells, it triggers an autoimmune response where inflammatory cells invade the protective myelin sheath of nerve cells.

Normal CD4+T Path

When neurons are damaged by MS, they require more energy, overworking the mitochondria and causing them to furtherinflame the CNS.

Chromosome Six

Josh Chastain, Rachel Mohr

Josh Chastain, Rachel Mohr

MS Mitochondrial Path

Normal Mitochondrial Path

Organ Example

MS CD4+T Path


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