Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences

Glogster by: Lydia Hinson

Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Eight Frames of Mind, or Types of Intelligence:* Verbal: uses words*Mathematical: uses mathematical operations*Spatial: can think 3-dimensionally* Body-kinestetic: good physical skills* Musical: sensitive to music* Intrapersonal: understands one's self* Interpersonal: understands others* Naturalist: understands patterns in nature

What are they?

It means...People learn in a variety of ways. Their "intelligences" help them aquire and assimilate information and help them make meaningful connections to the content. These intelligences can be expounded upon and used in a classroom setting to help students achieve their highest possible understanding of the subjects being taught. If, for instance, a student learns best by talking to a classmate about plant structure, teachers should build in time for partner discussion.

"The Problem with Intelligence Testing"Intelecom, (2006). Inside Out: Intelligence. The problem with intelligence testing. [Video Segment]. Available from

Garner recently added a ninth intelligence: existentialist- the need to find meaning in life

So What?What do we do now that we know what intelligence testing is NOT used for? As a classroom teacher, I use intelligence testing simply to learn what my students are more interested in and in what ways they learn best. By making intelligence testing part of my class profile, I have already begun differentiating my lessons. Simply by becoming aware of how my students learn, I have created an atmosphere and a routine that makes learning the center of our focus. I have decreased the amount of students who will become bored and created an opportunity for them to express themselves creatively in an academic setting.

For a free intelligence test for younger grades, go to


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