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Multimedia Tools

Multimedia technology - I'd love to have this for my students!

Image editing software can be helpful in many ways. Shown is both a "before" and "after" photo. Someone wrote on the original in ink. It was edited using Photoshop Elements. This can also be done using free options such as GIMP.

This video was created using Photostory. Upload photos, add effects, transitions, text, narration, and music. You can create your own music instead of worrying about copyright issues. *Photos from (permission granted for students and teachers to use in projects)

Garage Band was used to create this music. It is free and available on a Mac. Another option is to use Students would have a great time creating their own music! It is set to autoplay once this Glog loads.

The Flip video camera is a great tool for students to use. It's easy to use and lightweight!Students can use either the software that comes with the camera or Movie Maker or iMovie for editing.Check it out!

Using Glogster is a great way to create multimedia projects! An education account is the way to go!

The tools listed in my glog would help to inspire creativity in my students when creating multimedia projects. The more engaged they are - the more the learn!


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