Multimedia Poster Creation

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Multimedia Poster Creation

ReflectionThis course has been challenging, yet fun for me. It has presented itself as an avenue for increased knowledge on the many different types of media and how they can be used together to enhance learning among all students, young and old. Teachers in all levels of education from Pre-Kindergarten to adult education and vocational education are faced with the challenges of keeping their students interested and engaged. Our educational society has obviously turned to technology and media to generate better ways to make sure our students stay tuned in and focused on what we want them to learn. Even in the adult world of education, technology and media is playing a vital role in presenting the student with something they can remember and take with them far beyond the classroom.This course has heightened my awareness of the fast growing technological opportunities that educators have. However, some of them have been teaching in our educational system for quite some time, and may not be completely on board with the latest advances in classroom instructional media resources. This may make it seem that we have somewhat of a responsibility to help them become more aware of what kind of generation of learners we are dealing with now, and how to use their method of learning to our advantage.Completing the activities and projects in this course has given me an excellent jump-start in knowing what media types are available and how easy it is to acquire them for instructional use. I am confident that this knowledge will assist me in all my future endeavors as an instructional designer, and I am most grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this course.

Multimedia Poster Creation

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