Multimedia in the Classroom

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Multimedia in the Classroom

Using multimedia in the classroom typically has it's advantages. Multimedia can be used any many different ways. Incorporating multimedia in the classroom allows the students to become their own creater. It allows them to become an "author, writer, researcher, or even designer" (Asthana, 2015) By allowing the multimedia to be used in the classroom the students can become their own learner. They can take the knowledge they are given and portray it in a way that makes sense to them with these five options. References:Asthana, A. (2015). Multimedia in Education . Retrieved from Encyclopedia: are the effects of multimedia on learning. (2014). Retrieved from Office of Academic Technology Spring Arbor University:


Multimedia In The Classroom

Using multimedia in the class room can be challenging but very rewarding. Using multimedia will alolw the student to be a "successfully aided learner to achieve better learning outcomes for the needed objective." (What are the effects of multimedia on learning, 2014)

This website could be used for many purposes. It could be used to create an assignemtn (like we are doing) or even used as an assessment to see how much of the content he student understands.




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