Multimedia in Instruction

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Multimedia in Instruction

This is an overview of multimedia technology, how to use it in the classroom, and why it is important.




What is it?





Multimedia in Instruction





Auditory multimedia that creates emphasis, and has the potential to spark creativity and imagination. This must be used carefully, as it can also distract (Asthana, 2012). Ex: Soundtracks, auditory description or explanation

Visual media that goes beyond still images. Can be used to further textual information, elicit an emotion, or stimulate interest (Asthana, 2012). Ex: Movie clips, YouTube explanations, student-created video explaining a process.

Has the most impact on multimedia interaction (Asthana, 2012). Used to add a visual component to an explanation or lecture in the classroom.Ex: Titles, explanations, hyperlinks to various sources, and content.

Images or drawings that move and illustrate points, but are not real-life (Asthana, 2012). Can be created by students without them having to leave the classroom.Ex: Digital movies, Educreations, objects showing a procedure.

Still, non-text based visual media including pictures, graphs, and images (digital or hand-drawn). Provides the most creative possibilities (Asthana, 2012).Ex: Data displayed in bar/pie graphs, maps, drawings, Internet images.


In the Classroom

Multimedia can be used in many different ways in the classroom, all of which expand on the content and engage the students. By focusing on the different senses (primarily visual and audio), various types of learners are addressed.



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