Multimedia in Education

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Multimedia in Education

Multimedia in Education

TextAccording to Asthana (n.d.) "Text acts as the keystone tying all of the other media elements together" (para..7).

Type 1Text

Type 3Video

VideoAsthana (n.d) states, "The representation of information by using visualization capabilities of video can be immediate and powerful" (para..8).

Type 2Sound

Type 5Graphics

Type 4 Animation

GrapicsAsthana (n.d) says, "Graphics provide the most creative possibilities for a learning session (para...15).


Asthana discussess five multimedia types: Text, sound, video, animation, and graphics. These types all impact the classroom. "The development of multimedia technologies for learning offers new ways in which learning can take place in school and the home (para...2).

Student's learning is enriched when they can create with multi media tools such as text, sound, images, video an dynamic models (Wiske, Franz, and Breit 2005).

AnimationWiske, Franz, and Breit (2005) discuss animation, "new technologies like Macromedia's Flash animation and the Java programming langauge make the process of creating simulations accessible to students" (p. 76).



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