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Multicultural Literature

Multicultural Literature By: Rachael S Leffler

In this book a young girl and her family move from Korea to America. This books tells the story of a young girl who struggles to feel at home and finds comfort in the family cat and finally realize that "home" is wherever her family is.

This book teaches the Buddhist philosophy to be kind to all living things, including animals and evil souls. It not only teachs to be kind, but also generous. However, it also teaches the hard lesson to be nice to others who may not be kind to you.

This is a Celtic tale about a man who lived in the year 521 and was a scribe. As he loved to read and write, one time he secretly copied a book that he was not allowed to but got away with it. Due to his guilt he left the island of Ireland forever and due to this he founded the scottish Island of Iona. This book teachs that loving reading is a good thing and lying is not.

This award winning book is about a girl who although she lives in the desert, she sees all the beautiful colors around her. Throughout the book she explains all the colors she sees in a day, including her favorite color pink. The book is in both English and Spanish. English on one page and Spanish on the other.

This story is about a young girl named Virgina who lives on a Sioux preservation. The winter has been very cold and none of Virgina's coats fit her any longer so she looks forward to the boxes of clothing that will be brought to the reservatin soon. When the boxes are brought she spots the coat she wants but sadly someone else gets it, however, her mother later brings home somehing even better.

This book tells the story of Diego Riveras life through the incorporation of the author's free verse poems and actual paintings that Rivera painted during his life.

This book is set in Zimbawabe and tells of a young girl who loves her grandmother, and her grandmothers art collection very much. Sadly, a flood comes and destroies all the sculptures and other art pieces her grandmother has made and the girl is extremely sad. However, she soon learns that there is more in the world than art that will bring her happiness.

This book tells the story of a Latina teen who has been targeted by a school bully because this bully believes the main character isn't "Latina enough" becuase she has not accant or dark skin. This award winning book is the perfect book to show that bullying isn't just across races or gender. It happens to everyone and there are ways to make it better.

Rachel, a young Jewish girl and her family are preparing for the passover meal and Rachel wants to invite her grumpy old neighbor. Eventually through good sprits and genuine kindness, the old woman comes to the family's dinner. This books shows and tells many traditional aspects of Hanukkah.


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