Multicultural literature: family themes

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Multicultural literature: family themes

Based on the real-life experiences of Chinese migrant workers who only return home once a year for Chinese New Year, this colorful picture book tells the story of how one little girl celebrates the holiday with her beloved father.

Since most of Tia Isa's money must be saved to send to family far away, the young protagonist in the story picks up jobs around the neighborhood to help save for a car. The shiny green convertible not only allows for trips to the beach, reminding the family of home, but as a symbol of hope that the narrator's family will soon be able to move to the U.S.

Based on a true story, this picture book for mature readers tells the story of how a young Jewish boy uses the harmonica given to him by his father to survive life in a Nazi concentration camp.

Family is everthing to Lupita, a Mexican-American teen. When her mother is diagnosed with cancer, Lupita must take charge of her 7 younger siblings. Lupita's journey of grief, identity, and strength are based on the Author's own personal experiences growing up on the Mexican border.

Using dual illustrations and poetic text, this picture book shares the story of a year in the life of both traditional and modern-day Lenape families, including vocabulary from the Lenape language.

Written by Martin Luther King III, this charming picture books offers a unique perspective on the Civil Rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from a child's perspective.

Families Near and Farby Elizabeth K. Smith

Based on the experiences of her mother and grandparents, this bilingual picture book tells the story of a young Japanese-American girl who uses her family's gift of art to find happiness while living in a WWII internment camp.

Following the death of her beloved papa, Esperanza and her mother must leave their home in Mexico and move to a migrant work camp in California. When her mother becomes seriously ill, Esperanza discovers humility and inner strength to survive in her new home.


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