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Multicultural Literature

Albidaro is the gaurdian to the children of the world. This story is an enchanting tale of African American gaurdians looking after the children and animals as they sleep. It brings forth an important moral of listening to one's parents.

This story is of a young girl that wishes to attend school with her older brothers. Her parents allow her to go and she suprises everyone with her bravery. This story brings forth the idea that no one is too small or insignificant to be able to learn.

Bee-bim Bop is an interesting look into the Asian culture's cuisine from the perspective of a small girl. This story shares the excitement of sharing dinner with family and loving one's own culture. Pluse it shares the recpie in the end!

Yoon is a small girl who has just begun school in America. Her and her family have immigrated from Japan. At first Yoon is reluctant to transition to the American culture and wishes to go back to Japan. But her teacher and her classmates offer her friendships and this story becomes warm and welcoming by last few pages.

Nino is an exciting story of a young Latino boy who imagines himself wrestling extravagent characters. This book offers an authentic look into the Latino culture and its popular sport of wrestling.

This book can relate those children who have to say goodbye to their mom or dad for months at a time due to work. It tells a tale of a father that travels to harvest food. When he doesn't return his son searches for him while encountering many different creatures along the way.

This is a touching realistic fiction chapter book in which a pre-teen finds out who she really is and where she really belongs. It can help students understand that sometimes our parents fall short but in the end we always have a family.

This multicultural story tells a tale from an American girl's standpoint. She dreams of visiting Japan one day. She learns how to speak Japanese and becomes a school teacher in Japan where she meets her husband. It's an interesting perspective to watch someone from America become apart of Japan's culture.

Multicultural LiteratureBy: Katie Savitske


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