Multicultural Education

by michele68801
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Social Studies

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Multicultural Education

What is Multicultural Education

- is and education curliculum that is designed to support the cultures of several different races inside the classroom.

My Philosophy Statement

Multicultural Education is important to me because is allows teachers to create a sense of understanding and a respect among people in all ethnicities and also to improve social situtations in the process. All students deserve an equal opportunity to engage, learn, and participate in their education regardless of race, class, religion, and gender. and I will include all students in the learning process.

I will create an environment in my classroom where all the children can feel a sense of value and be able to learn and do their best. The one way that I feel I can do this by not allowing excuses, when I am having problems with a student I will ask myself an important question such as "what am I doing to make sure that this child is learning?"

In my classroom I will structure my teaching to acknowledge different perspectives such as structure learning groups that are diverse with diverse activities that will require all the students to participate. This was all the students can learn that every student's answer is valued.

One obstacle that I may incounter would possibly be a lack of parent interest in my curriculum based learning for diversity. I feel that it is important for all of my students to learn about every child's background and I will need all the parents on board not just some because I will have parents involved in some lessons.

Another obstacle that I may incounter is the children seporating into ethnic groups. I will work hard on teaching all the children to bond and learn together. In my classroom is where the children will grow to learn about thier world and each other.



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