Multicultural Children's Literature

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Multicultural Children's Literature

Independent Project:Multicultural Children's Literature

Hours: 25 Hours9 hrs- library book research 4 hrs- Online researching ideas for lesson plans2 hr- Personal Interview with ESL teacher about multicultural children's literature6 hrs- Completing lesson plans for each book4 hrs- Completing the glogsterTotal: 25 Hours

InsightsI have truly enjoyed working on this project. It really introduced me to multiculutural literature. I am more happy to say that I met all my learning objectives. I had the privilige of discovering books to not only engage diverse learners but also books that will touch many students where they will relate and where they will develop a sense of pride for their culture and individuality. The lessons I created will give students an opportunity to appreciate either their own culture or other's cultures by having to make a connection between their own culture and the one being discussed. Because of these pieces of literature and the activities, students will learn to be proud of who they are and develop a drive to learn about others and respect eachother due to be different from one another.

Learning Objectives1.I want to be able to discover different pieces of literature to engage diverse learners.2. I want to develop a variety of activities or lessons that are related to pieces of literature that encourages students to appreciate cultural diversity.3. I want to be able to encourage students to learn and respect different cultures through pieces of literature.

ConnectionsWhile working on this project I couldn't help but notice that children's literature in multicultural education is very important. In class we completed a discussion post where we had to research three multicultural books and how we would incoporate them in our classrooms. It was very interesting to see the many responses by my classmates who all had the same idea of the importance of incoportaing these books into every day learning.

Using different shapes, students will form objects they see in their home and in their community.

Students will write a poem about what makes them who they are and they will also make a picture collage representing their poem.

Discuss as a class about whether the girl became a horse at the end of the story.Next students will write a paragraph of what they believe happens after the girl became a horse. Finally students will draw a picture of how they think the girl looks like as a horse.

Students will write their own alphabet in form of a poem relating to their own individual culure.

Discuss as a class about what specific objects are important in our own cultures and discuss why they are important. Finally students will make their own kimonos using different fabrics on construction paper.

Project ProcessFor this project I decided to go back to the roots of what inspired me to be a teacher; my love for literature. I began my project by spending many hours in the library researching for pieces of children's literature that encouraged cultural diversity and supported multicultural education. After finding my top ten books, I decided to narrow it down to five books. Once I chose my five books, I decided to write a lesson plan for each book that would help children not only learn about different cultures, but also learn that diversity is beautiful. The lessons I created not only teach children about different cultures but teaches children that even though we are all different,we are all the same.

Future ResourceThis project will serve as an important resource to use when I have my own classroom. I will be able to pull these books out and have the lesson plans ready when I decide to do a lesson on a specific culture. It will also benefit teachers who are in need of a last minute lesson plan that will inspire and motivate students to appreciate different culures.

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