Multicultural Action Plan

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Multicultural Action Plan

Multicultural Action Plan


The reason I chose to expand my knowledge of the Hispanic culture is because the Hispanic culture is prevalent in my community. The more familiar and more I understand about the culture, the better I will be able to use my new knowledge directly in my own community. In addition, I will be increasing my effectiveness in serving the educational needs of the Hispanic culture as an educator.

From this experience, I learned that I need to make more of an effort to get to know my students not only inside of school but outside of school as well. Additionally, I need be to become more open with my students. Thus, I need to be more willing to try new and different things. When observing student behavior, I need understand what the student is doing and find out ways why the student is doing a particular behavior. In addition, I need to further encourage and value students' input when they are interacting with others. Overall, I need to show and teach my students how to embrace our differences and create open communication.

GoalI want to increase my awareness of the Hispanic culture.

How has this impacted you?

In order to increase my awareness of the Hispanic culture, I attended a soccer game. The team which I observed included Hispanic coaches, players, and audience members. Soccer is a very popular sport amongst the Hispanic culture. The game allowed me to view how Hispanics portray themselves in public.

Activity Description

By being present and participating in the soccer game, I was able to view how Hispanics portray themselves in public. For example, the team would huddle to pray before and after the game. Therefore, I learned Hispanics values their faith. When coaches, players, and audience members communicated throughout the game they spoke both in English as well as Spanish. I have learned that the coaches speak to their players in Spanish so that the opposing team would not recognize the instruction given to the players. However, when approached by the Spanish speaking official, the coaches only used English to communicate with the official. Therefore, I have learned that Hispanics view their languages as important and utilize both English and Spanish when it is appropriate. When viewing the game, an audience member became very vocal towards the officials. During that time, other audience members approached that particular individual in attempt to calm him down. From that, I learned that they may disagree, but they still want to be respectful.

What did you learn?


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