Muhammad and Muslim Civilization

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Muhammad and Muslim Civilization

Muhammad ibn abd Ahhah lived in Mecca, as a successful merchant raised by his uncle. It is believed that, on a spiritual retreat, an angel gave Muhammad various instructions, and commanded him to speak these revelations from Allah. This is how his life as a prophet began. As he began teaching, many people became followers of Islam,but his teachings also brought him many enemies. These enemies forced him to leave Mecca, and he travelled to Media. There he established his religion and the number of his followers grew. By 630 A.D., he controlled Mecca. This new religion was spreading rapidly. Muhammad died in 632 A.D.

5 Pillars of Islam

Islamic followers are monotheistic and believe in Allah. They believe Allah revieled instructions to Muhammad. The teachings Muhammad spoke were memorized and written down in the Qur'an, and are concider by Muslims to be sacred. The Qur'an teaches about moral conduct for Islams to follow, and the Five Pillars of Islam. They believe that, to be able to fully know the meaning of the text, one must read it in its origional Arabic language, because of the "rythem and beauty of the words themselves." They also believe that they must undergo jihad, or "struggle for the faith." Also translated as "holy war," fought to defend or impose beliefs on unbelievers as a duty.

1. The profession of their faith, which is that Allah is their God, and Muhammad is the messanger. 2. The daily praying of five prayers. Muslims must face Mecca to pray, no matter what.3. Giving alms and charity to the needy is required. A certain percentage of income must be given.4. They must fast during their holy month, Ramadan, from dawn till dusk. They go without food or water to remember God is more important than the body.5. At somepoint in their life, when physically and financially able, Muslims must take a pilgrimage to Mecca. This is called a hajj. Various rituals are then performed.

5 Most Powerful Islamic Nations

Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia are the five most powerful Islamic nations.

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Muhammad & Muslim Civilization


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