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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad AliBy: Stephen Timblin


"Even after winning a gold medal for his country, Clay continued to be treated as a lesser citizen"(Timblin 19)."He had to have emergency surgery for hernia..."(Timblin 46)."Barred from traveling abroad and banned from fighting in the United States, his life as a boxer was finished in the prime of his career, without having lost in the ring"(Timblin 58)"I lost it. But I did not shed one tear. I got to keep living. Im not ashamed"(Timblin 69)"On Febuary 25, 1975, Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam's leader, passed away"(Timblin 88).


"... Clay woke as early as 4:00 a.m. to run several milsa in heavy steel toed shoes..."(Timblin 12)."While some of his teenage friends began to get in trouble, Clay steadfastly refused to do anyhting that can jepordize his future carrer"(Timblin 19)."One person who never lost faith, however, was Ali himself"( Timblin 68)."He trained hard, but he also left frequently to interact with the people of Zaire, touring their villages and stopping to play with children" (Timblin 80)." Even as he battles health problems, Muhammad Ali remains a goodwill ambasador around the world"(Timblin 112).



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