Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad ali

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

the movie muhammad ali is a very good portraying of the famous heavy weight boxer muhammad ali. He is played by will smith. In this movie it shows the pointless racisim showed during the 1960s and how he fought every thing people would say and would not care about what people would say.

Through out the movie it shows how he is put through numerous challanges in life that he over comes. one specfic challange that he over comes was when he was drafted in to the american army and he refused because he was still the worlds heavy weight champion . so after this he was given 5 years and found guilty later he appealed in the superior court and won the trial

During the rest of the movie muhammad ali gained a true relation ship with nigeria and he converted from a catholic to a muslim later at the end of the film muhammad had to box george forman in nigeria for the world heavy weight title. he won the match and gaind the worlds major respect. later in muhammads life he regainded the title twice proving to be one of the best boxers the world has ever seen.

he who is not corageous enough to take risks will accoplish nothing in life


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