Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Robbed of his bike in school, Cassius Clay started to box at 12. As a high school student, he won the national Golden Gloves. Then Cassius showed skills and devotion winning the middleweight championship in 1959 and the AAU national light heavyweight title in 1960.Then Cassius whent for the light heavyweight gold medal at the Olympics. Finaly after all he achieved he had his first professional fight on 29 October, 1960. The clear outsider, Clay challenged and beat Sonny Liston on 25 February, 1964. Then challenged again Clay won the rematch the following year with a first-round knock-out.Clay revealed that he was a member of the Nation of Islam and that he had been given the name Cassius X. The leader of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, issued a statement that Clay would be renamed Muhammad (one who is worthy of praise) Ali (fourth rightly guided caliph). In 1967, Ali caused further sensation, by refusing to fight in Vietnam. He waslater arrested, had his boxing license suspended, and was stripped of the heavyweight title. He was unable to box for two years while the case went to appeal.In 1970, Ali was once again allowed to fight again. On 28 June, 1971 in Clay v. United States, the Supreme Court reversed his conviction with a unanimous decision.Ali was granted a license to box in Georgia because it was the only state without a boxing commission. Ali and Frazier met the following year for a fight that became known as '"The Fight of the Century."The fight was one of the most eagerly anticipated bouts of all time and remains one of the most famous. Frazier retained the title on a unanimous decision, dealing Ali his first professional loss. In 1973, after a campaign to force a rematch with Frazier, Ali split two bouts with Ken Norton before beating Frazier (who had lost the title to George Foreman) on points in their 1974 rematch, to earn another title shot. Ali won the title again in 1979 and finally retired in 1981 with a career record of 56 wins (37 by knockout) and five losses. In 1986, Ali married his fourth wife, Yolanda 'Lonnie' Ali. They had known each other since Ali was 22. They have one adopted son, Asaad. Ali also has seven daughters and one other son.


Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxer who ever lived some of his acomplishments woulld be:- won the light heavyweight olympic gold metal for boxing.-was contracted to the big leagues.- fights the first political fight in history aginst a german and wins the fight representing America.-wins countless fights against some of the best fighters in the world and wins his title.

Lasting Impact

Muhammad Ali shoked the world many times regardest to his race and the whites hatred he gained respect from everyone and those who stood in his way was taken down hard in his career everyone will remember his words "fly like a buterfly sting like a bee".


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Muhammad Ali


1942-1956: finds Martin after bike was stolen learns boxing.1956-1960:wins light heavyweight Olympic gold metal.1960-1964:becomes a pro and takes down many championships1964-1967:fights german in tv and wins.1970-1978:fights many champions and wins after a 3 1/2 year banned.1978-1984: retairement




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