Muhammad Ali Pasha

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Muhammad Ali Pasha

Life-1769-1849-Turkish parents -Born in Macedonia -worked as tax collector and tobacco merchant when he was young -He only only knew how to speak Albanian fluently-Ethnicity is unknown -Limited education

Reasons for Rebellion:-He was taking into Egypy by the army in order to kick the French out, this gave him inspiration -At the time, Egypt was the weakest in the Ottoman Empire, therefore the easiest to reform -The French occupation hurt them politically and economically

"Father of modern Egypt"

Agricultural Change-Turned agricultural land into cities -Improved irrigation system -Introduced new crops-Attempted to improve processing of raw materials in Egypt

Muhammad Ali Pasha

Methods of achieving goals:-Entered Egypt as second in command, in a 300 man troop-Named ruler of Egypt on behalf of the Ottoman sultan-Stopped all the peasant rebellions-Remained in power by resisting attempts by higher powers to kick him out of office

Educational Change-Tried to get education available to as many people as possible (including girls) -Offered scolarships for students to study abroad-Built schools all over

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Economic and Political Change-Organized the structure of the government -Modernized Egypt-Had a monopoly over trade-Some agricultural profit was given to peasants or former slaves

Social/Industrial Change -Wanted to stop slavery-Took farms that they worked on -Aimed to create a modern Egyptian society -Created factories and a cotton industry


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