Mud Slides - Natural Disasters

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Mud Slides - Natural Disasters

Mudslides (a type of landslide)•occur during periods of intense rainfall, rapid snowmelt, earthquakes or volcanic activity.•usually start on steep hillsides, liquefy and accelerate down the hill.•debris flow ranges from watery mud to thick, rocky mud that can carry large items such as boulders, trees and cars.

What is a mud slide?


In developed counries (e.g Australia & the USA) •Rapidly moving water and debris that can lead to trauma;•Broken electrical, water, gas, and sewage lines that can result in injury or illness; and•Disrupted roadways and railways can endanger motorists and disrupt transport and access to health care.In less developed countries•The effects are greater due to lack zoning laws, information and disaster preparedness. For example, a lot of people in poverty build in areas likley to have mudslides because it has cheaper land.

Strategies to decrease the risk of mudslides include draining water off hillsides and 'loading the toe.' In the case of 'loading the toe,' engineers put large rocks, at the base of a hill or end of slide to try to prevent it from coming loose.Click 'find out more' button below for ways to protect yourself from a mudslide.

MINI CASE STUDYFor example, in 1999, a mudslide in Vargas, Venezuela, affected over 37 miles of Venezuelan coastline. Some experts estimated that up to 30,000 people died as a result of the mudslide, which resulted in damages of over $3 billion.

Mudslides can in most places in the word. They are most common in areas where bushfires or human modification of the land have destroyed vegetation and heavy rainfall oocurs. Why? •Fires lead to mudslides because burning kills the plants' roots. Roots hold soil together, stabilizing the land and making it less likely to be swept away. •Livestock overgrazing can also contribute to mudslides due to the same reason as above.

WORST MUDSLIDE According to the Guiness Book of Records the deadliest landslide ever killed 180,000 people in Gansu Province in China in 1920. It was caused by a powerful earthquake.

MOST RECENT IN AUSTRALIA The 'Thredbo' mudslide was a catastrophic event that occurred at the village and ski resort of Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 July 1997. Two ski lodges were destroyed - a total of 18 died.

Prevention & Protection

Impact of mudslides on humans.

This is an image of a mudslide in Brazil, 2011

Watch this video - the scenes are amazing!

Where in the world? Why?

SPECIAL TERM - LAHARS Lahars are the most dangerous type of mudslide and refer to those that start on the slopes of a volcano.

SPEED!60 kms per hour was the average speed of a mudlside that killded 43 people in northwest Washington in 2014

Press play - then close your eyes. What do you think it would be like to experience a mud slide?



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