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Cheer Mantra:"Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised" (Proverbs 31:30)

M.U.A. Cheer Workshop

-Monthly Journal:One practice a month will begin with each cheerleader reflecting over the last month. Each entry will include what you're happy about. What has changed/improved since the last month, and what you plan to work on this month. You must also include a plan to help you achieve your goal.

Who I Am (About your Coach)-I believe in God! I live each day of my life trying to please Him and make Him proud!-My family is extremely important to me!-I try my by best to be honest. Honesty= TrustMy Strength:-GodIt is my goal that each student sees Christ in me. I demonstrate his love though my actions not just my words,Incorporating my Strength:-At School: I encourage my students to develop a relationship with Christ by incorporating a weekly Time Alone with God (T.A.G.) activity.-At home: Daily prayer and devotion as a familyMy Future:-I hope to see my students in heaven. It is my prayer that my students learn the importance of keeping Christ first.-I also pray that my students learn the importance of perseverance. I want them to tell me how they almost gave up or quit but they remembered what I taught them and saw it through.-As for me, I too realize the importance of perseverance. I pray that in the future, I will have achieved every task I set out to complete (like getting a master's degree).-I also pray that our entire campus has embraced the performance character development curriculum.

Cheer Virtues:-Acceptance -Accountability-Bravery -Caring-Commitment -Compassion-Discernment -Fairness-Faith -Forgiveness-Friendliness -Honesty-Obedience -Perseverance-Tact -Understanding

Cheerleaders Must:-Exhibit honorable behavior-Make Christ, Parents, Themselves, and School proud-Behave appropriately at all times-Not receive summons to student court for inappropriate behavior (ex. plagiarism)-Respect others-Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA-Give 100% at practices and performances-Be a leader

How to Uphold Your Virtues:-Remain grounded in your faith-Be Positive-Study and work hard-Ask for help-Practice! Practice! Practice!-Work together

About Your Jag Squad:M.U.A.'s cheerleading program is a faith based extracurricular activity that encourages our cheerleaders to practice and master the art of perseverance. Each cheerleader learns the importance of giving every task your all whether it be in cheerleading, in your school work, or at home. Cheerleaders learn that everything they do in life must be done to the best of their ability with God in the midst of it all!!

Practice Guidelines:-Be on time-Be positive-Have all necessary equipment (uniform, water bottle, etc.)-Encourage your teammates-Respect others views and opinions



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