Mt. Vesuvius

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Mt. Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius is the only active volcano on the main area of Europe.

Mt. Vesuvius is located in Italy. It is most famous for it's eruption in 79 AD. This eruption covered the city of Pompeii, forever casting the people in burning ash.

Even though the last eruption was in 1944, the city of Naples has great danger and so do the other surronding cities.

Mt. Vesuvius is part of the Campanian volcanic arc. This is a line of volcanoes on a subduction zone. This is where the African plate slides under the Eurasian plate.

Casts of people in ash

Map of Italy

In the last 17,000 years, Mt. Vesuvius had eight major eruptions.

Facts About Mount Vesuvius Location: West coast of Italy Coordinates: 40°49′ N 14°26′ E Elevation: 1281meters (4000 feet) Last Eruption: 1944 From:

Mt. Vesuvius is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. This is because the large population of Naples lies next to it.

Mt. Vesuivus is known as a stratovolcano (composite). It has fiery explosions and pryoclastic flows.

There is a tear in the African plate causing Mt. Vesuvius to have such explosive eruptions.

Eruption In 79 ADPompeii was recovering from an earthquake that occured in 62 AD. This earthquake came from under Mt. Vesuvius, and caused major damage to the city. Many smaller earthquakes followed a over the next few years. Seismic waves are common in this area. People paid attetion to several earthquakes in Ausgust, 79 AD. Many people were not prepared for the explosion on the 24th. Mt. Vesuvius erupted a little after noon this day. A little after midnight, volcanic mud (volcanic ash mixes with water)covered Herculaneum. The following morning, volcanic ashes and debris covered Pompeii. People burned instantly because of the steaming hot ash and poisonous gases. Their muscles were shortening, causing them to curl up. This is shown in the picture to the left.

Eruption in 1944March 18th, a two week- long erution from Mt. Vesuvius began. Some soldiers and airmen were stationed near the volcano, and recorded their sights. Many soldiers wore leather jackets and helmets to protect them from the falling while many tents collapsed and caught on fire. On March 22nd, the soldiers evacuated leaving behind 88 aircrafts. On March 30th, the soldiers returned, with engines covered in ash. By April 15th, the planes were replaced.

Since 1944, there have been hundreds of minor earthquakes in the region around Mount Vesuvius. The most serious earthquake shooked Naples in October, 1999. The earthquake was felt as far as 15 miles from the volcano.

Mt Vesuvius erupting

Mt. Vesuvius


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