Mt. Vesuvius vs. Pompeii

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Mt. Vesuvius vs. Pompeii

* Mt. Vesuvius has erupted 50 times* Pompeii is the most popular eruption of Mt. Vesuvius* When Mt. Vesuvius didn't just cover Pompeii, but also Herculaneum* Mt. Vesuvius is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world

* Pompeii is a small city in Italy* The eruption hit Pompeii in the year of 79 A.D.* To be exact the eruption happened in August 24, 79 A.D.* An eighteen year old boy named Pliny wrote about how he and his family almost died in Pompeii, unfortunatly his uncle did



* A dog named Jackie was at the top of the volcanoe barking at it before it erupted* A few years later it caused a sunami legend says* Pompeii created other gods that had the same characteristics as the greek gods


Mt. Vesuviusvs. Pompeii

Mt. Vesuvius

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* After and during the eruption the volcanoe covered everything in site with ash* There were very,very few people that survived even when they ran away fom the horrific lava* The molten lava was spewing ash covering everything in site


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