Mt St Helens,Vancouver

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Mt St Helens,Vancouver

"Vancouver, Vancouver - this is it!

Sunday May 18, 1980 - 8:32 a.m.

This morning the north face of Mt St Helens collapsed following a 5.1 earthquake. Tons of ash has blown eastward from the volcano, and everything living destroyed within a close perimeter from the mountain. The eruption has been ongoing for over 5 hours now. Day has turned to night in Eastern Washington, and lahars race down the mountain valleys including the Toutle River even closing even I-5 (

This eruption is due to the subduction zone off the coast of Washington. The Juan De Fuca Plate is being subducted under the North American plate (convergent boundary). According to "How Volcanoes Work", it has been 130 yrs since Mt St Helens last erupted. Earthquakes first signaled to scientists that the mountain was re-awakening back in March of 1980. Minor eruptions with ash and steam have been frequent over the last two months.Harry Truman, Spirit Lake residents, who has become popular in recent months for refusing to leave his home, is presumed dead, along with 9 confirmed so far. (


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