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Three ways machine makes work easier:1.Changing Force2. Changing Distance3. Changing DirectionP.117

Changing force-when a machine increases force, you must exert the input force over a greater distanceP117

What is a machine? Is a device that changes the amount of force exerted, the distance over which the force is exerted, or the direction in which the force is exerted

Efficiency of Machines-compares the output work to the input work, expressed as percent.

Input force-the force you exert on the machine.Output force- the force the machine exert on an object.

Complete Target Reading P.114

Mechanical advantage-the number of times a machine increases a force exerted on it.

Changing Distance-when a machine increases distances, you must apply a greater input force.P117

Changing Direction-When a machine changes the direction of the input force, the amount of force and the distance remain the same.P117

Mechanical advantage-is about increasing force and increasing distance.

Closure/AssessmentSection SummarySection Assessment P121Homework-Handout

Does a machine change the amount of work required to do a task?

What do you need to know to calculate MA?What kinds of machines have a mechanical advantage?

Objective: Students will be able to:•Explain how a machine make work easier•Calculate the mechanical advantage of a machine•Calculate the efficiency of a machinein order to understand how machines do work.Warm-Up: List 5 things in this room you would call a machine.

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