MSDS For Chemistry

by itsmeariel95
Last updated 8 years ago


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MSDS For Chemistry

Element: Ariel Love

Atomic Mass: 1000 Texts per month

Symbol: Facebook

Discoverer: Elaine Love & Kevin Love

Boils mom has me do chores.

Can cause stress if...i dont listen to you.

Becomes stubborn and unyielding really boared.

Melts if... i dont get my way when i want it.

Is rendered nonfunctional when...I dont get enough sleep.

May explode spontaneously if... My teachers give me to much homework.

Is inert if saturated much geometry homework.

Is repelled by... people who smack their gum.

Specimen can be found in various states... HAPPY,EXCITED

Is attracted to..... going to the movies with my friends and just hanging out and having a good time!

Requires Copious amounts of...internet access to get on facebook.

Will repel...all types of bugs and insects.

Surface... blue-green eyes, wears glasses, long-blonde hair, ears pierced.

Is netural close friends and family

Is impervious to...people being mean to me.


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