Ms. Wood's Class

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Ms. Wood's Class

We are not all cut from the same cloth. Thus, we will use a variety of activities to support our learning and growth. Throughout this process, I must remember several important things:1. Ms. Wood believes in me. I must always try my best, because she will never ask me to work toward a goal I am not capable of.2. I must respect myself, my peers, and my teacher since we are all part of the same community of learners. Ms. Wood & my peers will respect me in return. 3. Learning is fun!

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Notes to self:1. I learn from my mistakes.2. Technology is fun and can help me learn in new ways.3. My agenda, folders, homework, snacks, permission slips, etc. are all MY responsibilities.4. I must take responsibility for my learning. If I don't understand something or if I need help at school, I should let my teacher know, and she will help me.

Ms. Wood's Class

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