ms smiths kindergarten glog

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ms smiths kindergarten glog

Click on this picture to make your own painting or drawing!

Hi, Welcome to my Glog! Click here to find out about me.

Click the blocks to go to Ms. Smith's Weblist. There are different reading activities to practice reading and phonemic awareness skills!

Want more fun activities for creative play? Click on this picture to go to Ms. Smith's Creative Play Weblist.

See how well you can match the cards. It's just like Memory. Click the picture to play.

Click this picture to go to Ms. Smith's Math Weblist. There are different math activities and games to play!

To go to Ms. Smith's website, click on the butterfly!

Ms. Smith has written some of her own stories. Click this picture to read one of them. Afterwards read her other stories or try making your own using "Storybird".

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