Ms. Scaglione's Short Story: Literary Terms

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Ms. Scaglione's Short Story: Literary Terms

Tone:The writer's attitude and feeling created in a peice of writing.Visit this webite for a graphic organizer that helps define the mood you plan to write.

Short Story:Literary Terms

Ms. Scaglione's Creative Writing Class

Irony:A contrast between expectation and reality--between what is said and what is really meant,between what is expected to happen and what really does happen,or between that appears to be true and what is really true.

What makes a good story?

Symbol:A person, place, thing or event that stands for itself and, at the same time, represents something else

Authors need to gain and keep the reader's attention in a novel or story. When writing a short story, authors rely on literary functions such as plot and character development. But they have tools to make these functions more interesting. Read the cards (below) to learn more about these tools. 1.) Watch the short viedo below. 2.) After watching, write down what four tones you observed. What enhanced these tones (body language, voice)? 3.) Explain how this video is ironc.

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