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Ms. Robinson's Classical Remix!

Many of us know Ludvig Van Beethoven as "the guy who went deaf, right?" Although Beethoven did go deaf, he still persevered beyond losing his hearing to ratify music during the Classical Period of Music between the years 1750-1820. Beethoven idolized composers such as Haydn, Bach, and Mozart but ideally created his own way of doing things that rattled the dynasty of traditional Classical Music...which caused quite a stir.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven is one of the most loved musicians in the Classical Music realm today, but was not loved so much growing up. In his teens, the talented Beethoven traveled from Belgium to Vienna to meet the child prodigy, W. A. Mozart...the rockstar of his life time. Beethoven wished to be a famous composer, but went through great lengths to become a great composer...even if he broke the rules of composition, reaching limits not seen before.

Beethoven's father saw great success from the child prodigy Mozart and tried to make little Ludvig better. Although things didn't work out as expected, Beethoven was able to seek out his love of music, but much to his own secrecy rather than publicly. Beethoven's sponsor even had to sit outside his practice room door just to hear his compositions to be entertained! Although Beethoven seems distant, his practices in music has given many others a chance to step outside the borders and take a chance in music!

Who was Beethoven's role model?

Beethoven was known to break rules! #rebel




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