Ms. Rachel's Target Issue

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Ms. Rachel's Target Issue

After several days of struggling to remember to bring things, I eventually got better at it. I used my resuable bags when grocery shopping and brought my mugs into starbucks, costa, etc. When I forgot my mugs, I tried to use their ceremic ones and ate at the restaurant. I also went to the restaurant several times instead of ordering takeaway so that they could use less plastic. I have also tried to make as much as possible digital in my classroom. I am emailing or posting on schoology readings, rubrics, powerpoints, notes,.

We use so much plastic. Petrol goes into making plastics and we are running out. We need these plastics for medical reasons, for our technology; we don't need them to make our lives more convienent. Much of this plastic is also ending up in our oceans and landfills where they will exist for millions of years. We need to cut plastic out of our lives. Same with paper; trees are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

About current situation

My Identified Issue was Plastic and Paper Usage. My goals were to use more reusable plastics in my dailylife. 1. Reusable Bags2. Reusable Mugs3. More digital products

Why Using Less Plastic is Important.

Companies trying to Reduce Plastic Usage.

I found my bigggest issue was simply remembering to bring my reusable products with me. We have all gotten into the habit of this disposible lifestyle, myself included. So often times I would forget to bring the mug or the bag. And then I found myself with the decision: Do I buy what I want/need, or do I forfeit it for the sake of the enviornment/my goals. I also don't know how to account for takaway. I ordered food from an Italian Resturant and it came in this huge plastic container. And then that was wrapped in a huge plastic bag. Do I not order takeaway any more? Or can I go to the restaurant with reusable plastic containers and ask them to pack my food in that?

Possible Solutions: I want to put reusable bags in my car, purse, and school bag, so that I will have them when I am out, which will hopefully reduce the "not remembering" factor. Also, I want to get one of the water bottles that I can attach my keys to, so that I am always remembering to bring it with me. I also want to start shopping in stores, where possible, I can buy in bulk and place them in my own containers when I purchase them. I still don't know what to do about take away.


Failure :(

Ms. Rachel's Target Issue Example Glog.

Please NOTE: Ms. Rachel has included 6 photos!Her Success and Failures!Her Issue and Goals!Not 1, but 2 videos (you only need 1)Info about the issue and Solutions/Reflection for the future!



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