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Ms. L's Lyrical Life



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The Move


Graduation from High School!


Graduation from college and the birth of my first Godson.

First Teaching Job!!



The facts of "Now"

I have an amazing boyfriend. He has two daughters, Kayla (21) and Rhi (13) that I love dearly. He is the love of my life. Love isn't always fairy tales and perfect Prince Charmings. But, if you get really lucky, you find someone you love for exactly who they are and loves you just the same.

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Ms. L's Lyrical Life

I was born Krista Jamie Langlois on October 30, 1973 in North Adams Mass. I was not born into a wealthy family or a very good family, but I always had the feeling that whatever I did, it was okay. I am who I am; I was born this way and I was not mistake! I was put on this earth to be exactly who I am and to make a difference.

In 1982, when I was 8, and a few months after my beloved grandfather passed away, my family packed up all of their belongings and moved to Edneyville, NC. Nobody there liked me because I was a Yankee. I was sad and lost , empty and aching, without my Grandpa and it was a hard transition. We travelled the New Jersey Turnpike that's mentioned in America and played travel games.

I spent the evening before my graduation in the hospital waiting for my best friend to give birth to my first God Son. He didn't come that night. I was forced to go to graduation and wait. He was born the day I graduated and has been a constant joy in my life." He fills my heart with gladness, takes away all my sadness..." he eases my troubles.

Graduating from high school was a huge deal for me. I was poor and had poor grades and never considered that I could go to college. I was not a good student! Fortunately, a great teacher realized I was smarter than my grades said I was. She helped me apply for and get into Warren Wilson College. I chose this song because, not only was it our senior class song, but I felt I was going to get away from my poverty and my horrible high school in a Blaze of Glory!

I always knew what I wanted to do, I just took a long time to get to doing it. I got my first teaching job in 2005 and have never looked back. I can't imagine a more perfect job for me! If I can teach the children well, they can change the world!

I have a Master's degree in Middle School Education and Literature. I live in Marion, NC. I have one cat named Addison. I love music above all things and have very ecclectic tastes.Music has always been my refuge and my happiness.I love to read.Mr. Feste says I always dress in drab colors so I'm going to try to be more colorful this year. He is my personal fashion police!


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