Mrs.Talley's Math Project

by Sosalita
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Mrs.Talley's Math Project

Sofia's Snippets

My favorite subject is Social Studies!

My best friend is Katie Murray!

My favorite sports teams are the U.S Womens Natonial Soccer Team as well as the Spanish Natonial Team! My favorite moment was when my soccer team won the Mega Blast

I also love to read!

We have been friends since kindergarten!

My favorite food is steak!

My favorite candy is Twix! I love chocolate anything!

I am in chorus!

I love to play outside and ride my bike!

One of my favorite rides is the shockwave!

I enjoy the show Good Luck Charlie!

I love anything Blue Rassberry!

I love Outback Steakhouse! I love to play Xbox connect. I always play fusball with my brother and his friends!


The Harry Potter premier party

I love soccer and I play for Lightning. I have been whith the same team for a little over 7 years. My dad choaches.

This is my little brother Michael and I in Hilton Head Island!

My dog Charrlotte!

Katie and I have known each other for 8 years and were in the same class all through elementry shool we do everything together!

I love snow!!! <3



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