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Warning: Great minds and excess fun are contained within.

Novels:-Tuck Everlasting-Fantasy-The Whipping Boy-Historical Fiction-The Westing Game-Mystery-The Prometheus Project: Trapped-Science Fiction-Benjamin Banneker-Biography

Mrs. Hughes'

English/Spelling6+1 Writing TraitsWriter's ExpressRainbow Writing (Creative Writing Curriculum)Daily Oral LanguageVocabulary/Word Study Practice

Social Studies*American Indian Lands/Cultural Regions*How & Why Europeans Came to the New Wolrd*Routes of Exploration to New World*Early English Settlements*Comparing the Colonies*Facing Slavery*Life in Colonial Williamsburg*Tensions Between the Colonies and Great Britain*To Declare Independence or Not*The Declaration of Indepedence*The American Revolution*The Constitution*The Bill of Rights*Core Democratic Values*D.A.R.E.*The Study of Africa*Time for Kids

Science Units:Forces of MotionObjects in the SkySystems and Survival

Mathematics:+Place Value & Number Sense+Add/Subtract Whole Numbers and Decimals+Multiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals+Data & Graphs+Fractions-Mixed Numbers -Add/Subtract -Multiply/Divide+Measurement+Algebraic Expressions+Geometry+Perimeter & Area+Area & Circumference+Surface Area & Volume+Symmetry,Ratios,Probability



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