Mrs. Wright: If I had a pet turkey

by themrsmith
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Language Arts

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Mrs. Wright: If I had a pet turkey

TurkeysWhat if I had a turkey for a pet?

Mrs. Wright's Class

Heat it up and eat it for Thanksgiving

It would scream and run away from the oven.

My dog might chase it and eat it.

I would keep it in house.

I would keep it in cage because it acts wild

I would paint him and dress him up to hide him from my neighbors cat.

I would roast him in the cage so he won't get away.

I would keep him in the freezer.

I would set it free in the woods.

I would hide him in my room so my mom won't cook it.

It would be fun to cook it.

I would hide it so my family could eat it for Thanksgiving.

I would dress him up as a peacock so no one would eat him.



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