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Mrs. Stuth's Page

I come from a long line of hard working people. Most of my family have jobs in the education field. Some teach here in Texas while others teach or have taught in Oklahoma and California. So you see...I was born to teach. My mom is wearing the red polka dot dress. I look just like my mom.

One of the best things that I enjoy the most is knitting a scarf. I'll knit baby blankets too, but they take longer than I like. It is very satisfying to see the results of my work. I especially like giving them to my closest friends. Look how much I'm concentrating here. Tom knits too!

My favorite times of the year are when my family gets together. We make a point to see each other during all the holidays. Our dinners are similiar to others. My part always includes a delicious desert. I love to cook. Some of my most favorite meals have been at home with my family.

My dogs are very precious to me. Their names Sadie and Gracie. My favorite thing to do with my dogs is to take long walks on the Flower Mound trails. They love and depend on me, and I feel the same about them. I'm surprised by all the love I have for them.

Number 1

I married my best friend, Tom, since February 14, 1992. My dream was to get married in Hawaii, and that's just what we did. He and I love to spend time outside. Hunting is has passion and I share many hunting experiences with him. I feel it's important that we do things together.

Tom is always helping me.



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