Mrs. Scudero's Algebra I Final Project

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Algebra I

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Mrs. Scudero's Algebra I Final Project

My feelings toward mathI had mixed feelings toward math this year. When the year first started, I was nervous that I would have a lot of trouble. But as the year went on, I did not struggle as much as I had expected. It was very easy to get help when I needed it and could always come in for extra practice when it was necessary. I did have a good amount of trouble throughout the year and struggled with a few topics at first, but I was always good with it when it came to the test. Next year, I am a bit nervous that I will not be able to keep up with the material or get good grades. But I am confident that I will be able to ask for help and look online for YouTube videos on how to do something when I need to.

Mrs. Scudero's Algebra 1 Final ProjectBy: Emma

We started 8th grade in September this year, tired from summer break.We began by reviewing algebraic expressions, those were a piece of cake.We did distributive property, which I really like to do.We learned about rational numbers, and some irrational too.We learned about inequalities; whether to shade left or right.Sometimes I mixed up what sign I had to write.We did absolute value, and learned to solve each side.That was really easy, until you had to divide.We did linear equations, which is y= mx + b.Those are very simple, and I'm sure that you agree.We did lots of functions, linear and nonlinear as well.We learned about standard form, and that was really swell.We graphed inequalities, and memorized every rule.To find out what side of the line to shade, you used your hands as a tool.We learned all about exponents, and negative were the worst.You had to do the reciprocal, or in other words, positive reversed.We did scientific notation; that was easy as can be.Scientific notation was pretty fun to me.We did expenential growth, another type of graph. This is just one good example of real-world math.Next is polynomials, a large part of eighth grade.A trinomial is what two multiplied binomials made.We factored polynomials, and here I got confused.But then I figured it out; the square is what I used.We did the quadratic equation, and then completed the square.Luckily, I personally, did not have trouble there.We did trigonometry: cos, sin, tan.I had a little trouble at first, but now I know I can.Now eighth grade is almost over, and I'm getting a little sad.But I'm very grateful for the year of fun-filled math I had.

After researching and reading about multiple jobs and careers that mainly involved math ranging from architects to rocket scientests to police officers, there was one job that stood out to me the most. That job was a teacher. You may not realize it, but every subject incorporates math in one way or another. In social studies, you observe charts and graphs. You learn about economy, You also learn about strategies in different wars that incorporate math, distances, and more. Science teachers use math too. In science we learn about the human body which teaches you all different statistics and about how fast or slow your heart rate should be. You learn how to measure different objects with different sizes. You learn average rainfall, temperatures, and climate in different areas, which all involve numbers, which is math. In language arts, you can compare and contrast things using charts. Grammar is very similar to math because you have to mark up the sentence to find out what parts of speech are there, just like you do with a math problem. Lastly, a math teacher's job is to teach math.

Click the "sin cos" graphic to learn triginometry!

solving rational equations

the quadratic equation

This calulator is a link to Khan Academy's YouTube, a channel that I used quite often throughout the year when I needed help with homework or was studying for a test. I also got my video on solving rational equations from a Khan Academy video that I found on YouTube.


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